Bodas Coffee & Dessert.Bar

Established in 2020, Bodas Coffee and Dessert Bar is a projection of blank canvas. A space for you to be yourself, to be creative, and to think beyond your imagination.With all white interior design we have on our cafe, we aim to create collaboration projects with all young and promising artists all over Indonesia, wishing to give back to community by giving them chances to showcase their work and be happy.

Focusing on dessert and coffee making, we claim our space to be the first artisanal dessert bar in Bandung. We present dessert eating behaviour and manners to our customers, and break the norms we unconciously develop in our country but still enjoyably having your dessert. We also focusing on coffee making experience, and coffee 3.0. or we know as coffee specialty in our coffee to bring the new way of drining coffee to our beloved customers, because we believe everything has a story of its own, and its something beautiful to be told.

Founder and Exceutive Dessert Chef of Bodas, Ronny Gunawan has found his passion on dessert and coffee. Its all starting from curiousity at first, but time flies and so does his love for dessert grows inside him.

After realizing his passion, Ronny Gunawan took many artisan dessert courses in Jakarta from many professional dessert chefs all around the globes. With his dream and passion, he later created Bodas Coffee and Dessert Bar in Bandung, and start his dessert journey together with his team.

With the spirit of collaboration he posseses, Ronny Gunawan always encourage youngsters to reach their dream in his maximum capacity, especially in art. That's what Bodas Coffee and Dessert Bar is functioning for. He is super excited to welcome all of you to experience Bodas soon!

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